If your child has bleeding gums frequently, talk to the dentist. For adults, bleeding gums during brushing or flossing may indicate the initial stage of gum disease. Gum inflammation is common among adults, but children can also have similar problems. The first step to successful treatment is a proper diagnosis.

Common causes of bleeding gums

Build-up of plaque – one of the most common causes of bleeding gums. Bacteria and plaque that develop on gums and teeth can cause cavities, difficult-to-remove tartar, and inflamed gum tissue. Inflamed gums will bleed when brushed. Plaque builds up from improper brushing and flossing – and skipping them. Teach your children early on when and how to brush and floss correctly.

Wrong toothbrush – soft toothbrush bristles clean effectively when used correctly, and softer is gentler on the gums. If your child is brushing hard with a firm toothbrush, it can cause abrasions and bleeding to sensitive gums.

Injury to the gums – children play hard, and falls are part of childhood. Sometimes, a fall can damage the surrounding root of the tooth and/or laceration to the gum tissue. Apply gentle pressure with a damp cloth to stop bleeding. If the injury is worrisome, have a dentist inspect it to ensure there is no further damage or treatment needed.

Gingivitis – older children have a greater risk of gingivitis due to the hormone changes of puberty. Increased blood flow to the gums makes tissue more susceptible to swelling and soreness. Proper dental care and dentist visits are necessary for the prevention of gingivitis.

Deficiencies or other health issues – rarely, some other issue causes bleeding gums. Examples could be dehydration or a vitamin C deficiency. Some medications may also cause inflamed gum tissue. When in doubt, visit the dentist for a diagnosis and treatment instructions.

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