Coffee, sodas, and some sports and energy drinks include caffeine as well as high levels of sugar. These ingredients are bad news for teeth. Most people are aware that sugar is not good for healthy teeth; harmful oral bacteria feed on the sugars to create acids that destroy tooth enamel. Caffeine is a bad influence on healthy teeth as well.

Be aware of acids

Even though tooth enamel is incredibly strong, it is still no match for ever-present acids. Caffeinated drinks are acidic. Kids’ teeth are naturally more sensitive because newly emerged teeth may not have fully hardened enamel. Children who drink sodas and sports drinks are at a greater risk for cavities and enamel loss than those who do not. Pre-teens and teens drink more coffee than ever before, and those coffee shop treats can lead to tooth decay.

Protect the body’s calcium

Caffeine pulls calcium from teeth and bones. This is because caffeine is a diuretic, which increases the production of urine in the body.  When more urine is produced, greater calcium loss occurs.   Six mg of calcium are lost from the body for every 100 mg of caffeine consumed.

Avoid drinks that stain teeth

Enamel contains tiny ridges that can hold bits of food and drink. Dark-colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda can remain in the grooves and ridges, causing yellowing and stains.

In addition to the above concerns, caffeine is addictive. It may be difficult to change your child’s drinking habits if they consume a lot on a regular basis. Health care professionals recommend that parents remove caffeinated drinks from the house and keep it away. Prevention of the addiction will benefit the family in many ways, including keeping healthy and white teeth.